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Veterans Home Care Celebrates 20th Bonnie Laiderman, Founder, and David Laiderman, CEO

ST. LOUIS, MO – February 1, 2023 --  Veterans Home Care  (VHC) announces it will celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2023. Bonnie Laiderman founded the company in 2003 and has grown it to be the largest provider of home services to veterans and their spouses nationwide.


VHC helps veterans, and their spouses who qualify, receive assistance for home-based daily living activities through a pension with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). The company has expanded to now include over 114 employees, 5000+ home care agency partners, and service to 22,000 clients.


Laiderman started Veterans Home Care from tragedy. Her mother was dying of breast cancer and her mother’s late husband, Laiderman’s step-father, had served during wartime. She sought support to help her mom with the needs of daily living and learned about a special aid and attendance pension through the VA for in-home care. However, it was too late to pursue it as her mother passed away.


“I vowed then to help veterans, and their families, receive the benefits they deserve,” Laiderman said. “Those efforts took me from coast to coast. I am humbled to have worked with our great team, all of our partner agencies, and thousands of veterans and their families for nearly two decades. It has been a truly rewarding experience and I am honored to have helped all who have sacrificed so much for our country.”


Today, Veterans Home Care’s team provides care by utilizing its network of 5,000+ home care providers through its VetAssist® Program. Veterans Home Care and Laiderman have won numerous awards for outstanding achievement, innovation and community service. Semi-retired, Bonnie Laiderman has passed the leadership torch to her nephew David Laiderman, an entrepreneur and business owner, who now serves as CEO.


David Laiderman is guiding Veterans Home Care to the next level of care and innovative products and services. VHC’s voice-activated SmartCompanion device is gaining national recognition and adoption as it combines voice-activated calling, and video chats with the intelligence and fun of Alexa®,, replacing old-fashioned medical alert devices. Available through sister company SmartCompanion Care LLC, the device is available to all seniors regardless of military service.


“Bonnie created a large footprint in senior care and we are expanding on that strong foundation,” said David Laiderman. “This includes re-imagining home care by adding virtual components to increase affordable care options into a much broader market. In addition to our niche serving veteran families, we have set the groundwork to move into telemedicine and therapeutic care. Veterans Home Care has several new products on the horizon which will soon be available to all seniors.”


For additional information visit,, or 888-314-6075.


About Veterans Home Care

VHC’s VetAssist® Program utilizes a network of more than 5,000 home care agencies to provide home care, matches them with caregivers and follows up to assure that the veteran or spouse remains in compliance with VA guidelines to continue receiving the pension. Veterans Home Care has helped more than 22,000 veterans or their surviving spouses to access VA benefits for the care they need. Veterans Home Care is not a government agency and is not affiliated with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Veterans, who served during wartime, and their spouses can apply for a non-service-related disability pension from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), which pays for assistance with activities of daily living in their homes.  Military service must have occurred during World War II, the Korean War, Vietnam era, or Persian Gulf War. Limitations apply. For details and qualifications contact your social worker or

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